Monterey graduates celebrate beginning of new journey

Published 12:35 am Sunday, May 14, 2017


MONTEREY — For the 40 graduates of Monterey High School’s class of 2017, Saturday’s end to their high school days ushered in the beginning of a new chapter of their lives.

“A new chapter begins today, a chance for us to show the world what we have become through the years at Monterey High School,” salutatorian Britney Crawford told her classmates. “As we take our first steps into our new chapter, we will each be stepping into our own paths.”

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Crawford and her fellow graduates proudly marched across the stage in the Monterey High School gymnasium to receive their diplomas, a ceremony that included recognition of honors and scholarship awards for several students.

Some graduates will go straight to work, some into military service and others off to college, Crawford said.

“Our new journeys are going to be different, but one thing I hope stays with everyone is that, you only fall when you stop trying,’” she said. “The world outside of Monterey is going to be a lot different. We will miss home, or we will think college is so hard, or the situation we are in is impossible, but the most important thing … is to never give up and never stop trying.”

Now at the end of their high school careers, opportunity knocks, valedictorian McKay Wilson told his class.

“We have the chance to pursue our passions fully and leave a legacy, a chance to make the world our own and to learn even more of life’s lessons,” Wilson said. “William Shakespeare once said that some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. I believe everyone in this class is great, and I’m so proud of each of you.”

Over the years, Wilson said, many people told the graduates to enjoy school, because the real world would come soon enough.

“But I feel that the adventures are just beginning,” he said. “Sure, we can never get these days back, but don’t let that stop you from making new memories and learning new things. The good times ain’t over for good. It’s time to move on, make families, make even more friends, and live like you were dying. Never lose sight of who you were in these halls, because these halls (and) this school have shaped each and every one of us.

“From the ones who have been here since Pre-K to the ones who just got here, we each hold a part of Monterey High School in our hearts. I encourage us to all use it and follow the road life takes you on.”