Mississippi crime reports: Monday, May 15, 2017

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 15, 2017

Natchez Police Department

No arrests

Adams County Sheriff’s Office

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Arrests — Sunday

Terry Dwayne Williams, 46, 22-D N. Sunflower Road, on a charge of disorderly conduct. Bond set at $1,500.

Adams County Sheriff’s Office and Natchez Police Department

Reports —  Saturday

Intoxicated driver on River Terminal Road.

Burglary on Tyler Circle.

Three traffic stops on Seargent S. Prentiss Drive.

Welfare check on Highland Boulevard.

Traffic stop on US 84.

Disturbance on Barth Street.

Disturbance on Auburn Avenue.

Alarm on Inez Street.

Prowler on Lower Woodville Road.

Suspicious activity on Old Washington Road.

Suspicious activity on Canal Street.

Suspicious activity on Farr Road.

Burglary on West Wilderness Road.

Disturbance on Oak Street.

Burglary on McNeely Road.

Harassment on Creek Street.

Suspicious activity at Broadmoor Grocery.

Intelligence report on a U.S. 61.

Alarm on Seargent S. Prentiss Drive.

Accident on John R. Junkin Drive.

Accident on B Street.

Traffic stop at Walmart.

Traffic stop on George F. West Boulevard.

Traffic stop on Concord Avenue.

Suspicious activity on Gardener Circle.

Escort on Lower Woodville Road.

Simple assault at the Natchez Mall.

Harassment on State Street.

Disturbing the peace on Lower Woodville Road.

Traffic stop at Magnolia Mall.

Domestic disturbance on Rankin Street.

Disturbance on Mt. Carmel Drive.

Shoplifting on Seargent S. Prentiss Drive.

Welfare check on Elm Drive.

Fight on U.S. 61.

Abandoned vehicle on Kingston Road.

Four traffic stops on U.S. 61.

Simple assault on D’Evereux Drive.

Juvenile problem on D’Evereux Drive.

Disturbance on Franklin Street.

Juvenile problem on Garden Street.

Harassment on Franklin Street.

Alarm on U.S. 61.

Unauthorized use on Seargent S. Prentiss Drive.

Intelligence report on Cloverdale Drive.

Traffic stop at Auto Zone.

Accident on Bluegrass.

Accident on D’Evereux Drive.

Traffic stopped on Martin Luther King Jr. Road.

Traffic stop on Canal Street.

Four traffic stops on Madison Street.

Loud noise/music on Marblestone Road.

Patrolling area on the Spruce Street.

Ambulance needed on West Vidal Street Extension.

Suspicious activity on Main Street.

Alarm on the Plaza Drive.

Standby on the Gaylor Road.

Welfare check on Timberlake Road.

Reckless driving on US 61.

Unwanted subject on Rankin Street.

Disturbance on Devereux Drive.

Unwanted subject on Morgantown Road.

Loud noise/music on Marblestone Road.


Natchez Fire Department