Did traffic stop thwart robbery?

Published 3:13 am Wednesday, May 24, 2017

FERRIDAY — By stopping a suspicious vehicle Sunday night, Ferriday officers may have thwarted four Natchez men from committing a robbery.

Ferriday Police Investigator Richard Madison said the officers were conducting a business check on Louisiana Avenue, when a 2010 Chevrolet Impala was spotted concealed in a dark area of a car wash near U.S. 84.

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Madison said when officers neared the vehicle, the brake light illuminated as if the car was about to leave the area. Madison said the officers initiated a traffic stop.

Madison said four men were in the vehicle. An officer noticed a blue bandana mask and a blue hoodie on the front passenger, he said.

In an attempted search of the individuals, one attempted to flee, causing an officer to use minimal force to subdue the subject, Madison said. In the flee attempt, Madison said, the subject’s revolver dropped to the ground.

During a search of the vehicle, Madison said a second weapon, a shotgun, was located.

“Thank God the officer was doing his job,” Madison said. “Had he not, we may have been looking at something else.

“It is not always someone’s intention to do someone violent harm. Whenever there are guns involved, there is always potential for someone to get hurt.”

Madison said an undisclosed amount of marijuana was also found in the vehicle.

Tradarryus Washington, 18, 106 Magnolia St., Natchez, and Adoriyon Odem, 17, 102 E. Wilderness Road, Natchez, were each charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery, possession of marijuana and illegal carrying of weapons.

Darrion T. Walker, 17, 23 Anderson Drive, Natchez, was charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery and illegal carrying of weapons.

Kiandas Washington, 18, 11 Wisteria St., Natchez, was charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery, two counts of illegal carrying of weapons and resisting an officer.

Tradarryus Washington and Odem were in jail Tuesday on a $70,750 bond. Walker and Kiandas Washington were in jail Tuesday on a $70,000 bond.