STAR student for ACCS proud of academic honor

Published 3:10 am Wednesday, May 24, 2017

By Christian Coffman

The Natchez Democrat

NATCHEZ — For Margaret Jordan, academics are not just for the accolades, but about growing and improving.

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Jordan was named this year’s STAR student for Adams County Christian School.

Sponsored by the Mississippi Economic Council, the STAR award recognizes scholastic achievement among Mississippi’s high school students.

The STAR award emphasizes academic excellence for both students and teachers alike.

Jordan said she was proud of herself for winning the award.

“I always wanted to get some kind of academic award, because I’ve never been into sports or anything,” Jordan said. “Academics make me feel like I’m getting somewhere.”

Jordan selected government and economics teacher Warren Whitaker as her STAR teacher.

Whitaker said he was not surprised the senior was honored, though he was shocked when Jordan asked him to be the STAR teacher.

“I think I surprised her when I said I thought other teachers were more qualified,” Whitaker said.

Despite his reservations, Whitaker said accepting the role was quite an honor.

Whitaker has been teaching students for 32 years and coaching basketball and track for 22 years. He has been teaching at ACCS for 14 years.

“Margaret is an outstanding student, very disciplined,” Whitaker said. “I told her she could take her test in red because I can use her test as a key.”

Students eligible for the STAR award must have an ACT score of at least 25 and a grade average of 93 or above in selected subjects through their high school career.

Jordan scored a 29 on her ACT and maintained at least a 4.0 GPA from her five dual-enrollment classes this school year.

ACCS only recently began teaching prep courses for the ACT as of a few years ago.

Jordan is the daughter of Charles Jordan and Lyda Jordan.

“My dad has been an inspiration; it makes him happy when I do good in school, and he wants me to be the best I can,” Jordan said.

Jordan said her teacher’s government and economics class was always inclusive and informative.

“I retained a lot of the information he taught me,” Jordan  said. “There were some things that he needed to explain to me and he explained them pretty well. He knows an insane amount about politics.”

She plans to attend Mississippi State University in Starkville, where she will majoring in accounting.