Parish sheriff: Secure house, property in high water areas during flooding

Published 1:23 am Saturday, May 27, 2017

By Cain Madden

VIDALIA — With the Mississippi River waters in flood stage, the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office warns house and camp owners to take precautions.

Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office investigator Chris Groh said Friday owners should take steps to secure items left unattended in camps near the high-water areas.

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“High value items such as generators, power tools, outdoor furniture and appliances should be secured to prevent thefts,” Groh said. “At times of high water when camps are unattended and residents have evacuated the area, these items are easy targets for burglars who approach the camps by boat.”

The river is projected to crest today at 55 feet and is estimated to be back below flood stage on June 12.

The caution follows four arrests that reportedly stem from thefts in the areas of Minorca, Rokafee Road and Deer Park. CPSO spokesman Vernon Stevens said several stolen items have been recovered and investigators are checking with local salvage yards and pawn shops attempting to recover more items.

John David Johnese, 38,314 Rokafee Road, Vidalia, Rodney Lee French, 32, 114 Cottonwood Drive, Vidalia and Ashley Denise French, 29, 392 Green Acres Road, Vidalia, were each charged with possession of stolen things.

Spencer French, 29, 4226 U.S. 84, Vidalia, was charged with simple burglary and possession of stolen things.

Rodney French and Ashley French were released last week on $11,000 bonds. Johnese was released on May 12 on a $2,500 bond.

Spenser French was in jail Friday on a $10,000 bond.