Former fast-food restaurant transformed into laundry

Published 12:32 am Sunday, May 28, 2017


NATCHEZ — A new place to do your laundry has opened at the old Wendy’s, and the ownership lists several selling points including the clean environment, modern machines and business hours that fit into a busy schedule.

Franchisee Willie S. Green has opened Keyway Express Coin Laundry at 349 D’Evereux Drive. Green said the franchise is a family-owned business with locations in places including Meridian, Jackson and Vicksburg.

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“The first thing people say is they like the fact that it is clean,” Green said. “People say that the results of doing business here is that the clothes are cleaner, and they feel more comfortable in the facility. I think it has been positive.”

The coin laundry business is also in a good location, Green said. Located in a high traffic area with several restaurants and a pharmacy nearby, off the main highway has also been good for repeat customers, he said.

“We are there all day long, in and out,” Green said. “I know many customers by name. It is becoming like a community meeting place for people who have not seen one another since high school.

“We have people coming from all over, like Louisiana all the way from Ferriday and Franklin County, all the way from Bude. They are coming in to take a look and repeating,” he said.

Green, who also operates a cleaning service in town, takes pride in keeping the business clean. The store stays open 24 hours a day to accommodate people’s schedules, has two televisions, a security system, air conditioning and it will have Wi-Fi Internet.

“The customer needs are No 1,” Green said. “We just want to satisfy our customers and we are getting a great positive response from everyone who comes in.”

Green met the business’s owners through a mutual business partner.

“I saw an opportunity,” Green said. “I saw their vision, and it matched my vision, especially for Natchez.”

Green is originally from Natchez, but ended up moving around with his father, who was involved with the military. After visiting the area in 1972, he took a test for International Paper.

“I had a business in California, but I kept (the IP application) current by calling back for seven years,” Green said. “I love it here. I always wanted to come back.”

While working for IP, Green also drove a truck for Woods Auto and he and his wife of 37 years, Delilah, who died in January, operated a service cleaning buildings, which is still active.

Keyway Express Coin Laundry uses Dexter machines, and washing a load ranges from $3 to $8.50 for the largest machine.

“The largest machine can hold 80 pounds and is mostly used for comforters,” Green said. “Some people save up their laundry and load it up in the 60-pound machine that costs $6.50 and get it all done in a short period of time.

“Customers have been very satisfied with the results of using the facility. The machines are state of the art.”