Man reportedly injures Ferriday police officer

Published 1:42 am Thursday, June 1, 2017

FERRIDAY — A handcuffed man used the chains on the cuffs to sprain a Ferriday police officer’s wrist Monday.

Jackie J. Cornwell Jr., 46, 331 Iowa St., was arrested Monday following a welfare check at his residence. Cornwell was charged with attempted escape and four counts of resisting a police officer with force or violence.

Police reports indicate when officers arrived, they heard yelling coming from the residence. The suspect’s father answered the door when officers knocked, and at that time Cornwell allegedly rushed the officers.

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Officers attempted to fend Cornwell off, and he retreated to his bedroom. A struggle ensued in the bedroom, and it took several moments to restrain Cornwell, police report.

After Cornwell was under control, officers placed him in the back of the police unit. Cornwell was allegedly able to get the handcuffs from behind his back and he began to beat the window.

As officers attempted to open the door to readjust the handcuffs, Cornwell used the handcuffs to apply great pressure on one of the officer’s wrists.

The officer’s wrist was sprained, causing swelling.

The officer missed part of the day Monday and all day Tuesday. The officer is expected to return to work his normal shift Friday.

Cornwell was in jail Wednesday with no bond set. Cornwell is expected to be before the judge today.