Adams County supervisors talk hiring part-time animal control officer

Published 3:10 am Friday, June 2, 2017

NATCHEZ —Adams County supervisors are considering hiring a part-time animal control officer.

Sheriff Travis Patten approached the board recently to discuss either working out a deal with Natchez to utilize the city’s animal control officer or potentially hiring one for the county.

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“We are catching the blues on the dog calls,” Patten said. “We’ve had deputies get bitten by dogs trying to do something they are not trained to do. We have got to do something.”

Adams County Administrator Joe Murray said his understanding from previous discussions is the animal control officer for the city is not willing to go out into the county.

Patten said he has a solution for that problem — hiring a part-time, county animal control officer.

Board President Mike Lazarus said because Patten is talking a part-time position without a benefits package, he believes the county could make hiring an animal control officer work.

Patten said he did not have a cost estimate for the position. The city’s full-time animal control officer has a salary of approximately $21,000.

Lazarus said the only potential issue is the Natchez-Adams County Humane Society having room for the animals.

Lazarus said he met with a humane society representative Tuesday and believes a solution could be reached. Lazarus said he was informed as long as the communication channels stay open with the humane society, space should be available.

One idea Lazarus said he had is increasing animal problem fines to $700 or $800, and earmarking the majority of the funds for the humane society.

“That would help them and also help solve some of the animal problems,” Lazarus said.

Humane Society Director of Operations Sarah Wees said Thursday she had not been involved in the conversation. Wees said she would not comment at this time.