GOP serving own interests over budget for attorney general’s office

Published 3:18 am Friday, June 2, 2017

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood is crying for mercy ahead of next week’s special session of the Legislature and for good reason.

Among a handful of topics for lawmakers is how to fund the budget of the attorney general’s office.

Hood, the lone statewide office holder who is a member of the Democratic Party, is the latest in a long list of state government workers complaining about the series of cuts to state budgets.

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He just happens to be among the more eloquent ones.

“They’re on this ‘mission from God,’ as Dan Aykroyd said in the ‘Blues Brothers.’ You know, they’re on a ‘mission from God’ to say, ‘We killed the beast.’ “They don’t tell people the rest of the story, which is there are vital programs to victims and law enforcement that are desperately needed and needed more so now than at other times, especially on cybercrime.”

Although we’ve been critical of Hood and some of his grandstanding in the past, he is correct here.

Further, he contends that both his office and other state agencies have lost federal money due to structural changes in the Mississippi state budget last year.

Hood is correct that Republican lawmakers seem to be on a mission from a god, unfortunately it seems to not be the god with the capital G, but the god of political greed and power, more interested in re-election that truly serving the state’s best interests.