Louisiana crime reports: Saturday, June 3, 2017

Published 12:42 am Saturday, June 3, 2017


Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office

Arrests — Thursday

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Bo W. Smith, 27, 2527 Louisiana 571, Waterproof, La., on a charge of flight from an officer. Bond set at $566.

Joseph P. Turner III, 38, 3 Redd Loop Road, on charges of possession of schedule II drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. No bond set.

Christopher Jason Myers, 37, 4501 Louisiana 568, Ferriday, on a bench warrant for failure to appear for flight from an officer and resisting an officer. Bond set at $750.

Reports — Friday

Drug law violation on Louisiana 129.

Reports — Thursday

Traffic stop on U.S. 84.

911 call on Louisiana 568.

Traffic stop on Dan Howard Road.

Theft on Concordia Park Drive.

Theft on Ferry Road.

Nuisance animals on U.S. 84.

Complaint on Country Meadows Road.

Vandalism on Louisiana 3203.

Miscellaneous on Levens Addition Road.

Miscellaneous on Robert Gray Street.

Miscellaneous on Harbor Road.

Drug law violation on Louisiana 910.

Accident on U.S. 84.

Vidalia Police Department

Reports — Thursday

Traffic stop at Dollar General.

Forgery on Martin Luther King Avenue.

Accident on Carter Street.

Miscellaneous on Apple Street.

Accident on Texas Street.

Disabled vehicle on Murray Drive.

Accident on Dixie Drive.

Ferriday Police Department

Arrests — Saturday

Berlin McClure, 26, 330 Townsend Lane, Ferriday, on a charge of disturbing the peace. Bond set at $572.

Arrests — Monday

Joseph Michael Loncar, 24, 303 College Drive, on a charge of driving under suspension. Bond set at $229.

Reports — Thursday

Speeding violation at Church of Christ.

Speeding violation at Fred’s.

Speeding violation at Riverland Medical Center.

Speeding violation on U.S. 425 North.

Traffic stop at Louisiana Avenue.

No tags or insurance at Relax Inn.

Reports — Wednesday

Criminal damage on Delaware Avenue.

Two speeding violations at Ferriday Market.

Three speeding violations at Fred’s.

Four speeding violations at Ferriday High School.

No seatbelt or child restraints at Budget Building.

No seatbelt on Delaware Avenue.

Following to close, window tint and no insurance at Ferriday Police Department.

Reports — Tuesday

Speeding violation on Delaware Avenue.

Three speeding violations at Ferriday High School.

Four speeding violations at the Department of Transportation.

No driver’s license or liability insurance on Sixth Street.

Two speeding violations at Ferriday Market.

Reports — Monday

Speeding violation on U.S. 425.

Two no proofs of insurance on Tennessee Avenue.

Speeding violation at Ferriday Market.

Speeding violation on Serio Boulevard.

Two speeding violations at Old Ferriday Police Department.

Speeding violation at U-Pak.

Two speeding violations on Woodland Avenue.

Speeding violation at Circle K.

Speeding violation at Ferriday High School.

Reports — Sunday

Failure to register, no insurance or driver’s license on Delaware Avenue.

Reports — Saturday

Three speeding violations on E.E. Wallace Boulevard.

Speeding violation on Lakewood Drive.

Speeding violation on Pollard Avenue.

Speeding violation on Windermere Boulevard.

Speeding violation on Flippo Chapel Road.

Speeding violation on Highland Road.

Speeding violation on Water Dance Way.

Speeding violation on Florida Avenue.

Speeding violation on Louisiana 586.

Speeding violation on West Meadow Drive.

Speeding violation on DOC Drive.

Speeding violation on Lake Azalea Drive.

Speeding violation on Louisiana 75.

Speeding violation on Enos Drive.

Speeding violation on Evonne Drive.

Speeding violation on Valvada Road.

Speeding violation on Carter Street.

Speeding violation on Buffwood Street.

Aggravated assault on Woodland Avenue.

Speeding violation on Louisiana 3148.

Harassment on Third Street.

Reports — Friday

Four speeding violations on E.E. Wallace Boulevard.

Four speeding violations on U.S. 425 North.

Theft at Ferriday Haven.

Property damage on Woodland Avenue.


Vidalia Fire Department

Medical call on John Dale Drive.

Ferriday Fire Department

Trash fire on Alabama Avenue.

Concordia Fire District No. 2

No calls.