Fire hydrant testing to start soon in Natchez

Published 1:02 am Monday, June 12, 2017

by David Hamilton

NATCHEZ — Residents may experience low water pressure or discoloration of tap water as the Natchez Fire Department conducts tests of local fire hydrants.

Battalion Chief Leland Rymer said any issues people may experience would be harmless and temporary.

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“Everybody should be fine,” Rymer said. “Just flush out your water; flush out your pipes.”

If a resident’s tap water appears cloudy, Rymer said running cold water for a short period of time should clear things up.

Flow tests are done regularly—about every five years according to Rymer—to ensure the hydrants work properly in case of an emergency. The tests are required by the state.

The testing is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, but the fire department is still determining how to implement the testing. The tests should last a few weeks, Rymer said.

“We don’t know if we are going to do it one district at a time or all districts at once,” Rymer said. “We are still working on that.”

Rymer said any discoloration is simply a result of sediment that has built up over the years.

While cloudy water would not be hazardous, the department recommends residents who do experience discoloration of their water avoid washing clothes, drinking the water or using the water for food preparation.

The fire department plans to send out a news release with more information early next week.