Hate can be overcome by cooperation, compromise

Published 12:01 am Friday, June 16, 2017

Crippling hate is ripping America apart at the seams. It must end. The effort will be amongst the most challenging our nation has faced, perhaps since the American Civil War.

Unvarnished hatred and evilness toward our fellow countrymen seem to be reaching an unprecedented level.

America is better than this.

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The latest example of hatred was seen and heard in vivid detail Wednesday just outside the nation’s capital.

A gunman, apparently angr over differences in political and policy views of The White House, attacked members of Congress Wednesday as they practiced for a charity baseball game in Virginia.

Our great country is devolving into a troubled, disappointing state.

America is better than this.

Sadly, the Virginia shooting is not unique — only the targets more high profile.

Violence against family members, police and practically anyone else who seemingly “wrongs” someone is rife in our country.

In our community, segments of our society are quick to resort to violence and cold-blooded killing over card games, drugs and other such vices.

America is better than this.

Like an old married couple that gets cranky as the years pass and become critics of one another, America is turning on itself and quickly chipping away at the very foundations that made our country great.

Our nation was founded on the belief that a group of people with a common goal to live freely and work together to solve problems would work.

But day in and day out, we see signs of our nation’s downward spiral.

America is better than this.

But the only way that phrase will become true is if we believe it, and insist on change and develop a spirit of cooperation. That starts with each one of us. America will only work when we work together and find common ground and willingness to listen and compromise.