Spraygrounds might be good alternative to pool

Published 11:17 pm Thursday, June 22, 2017

With the latest construction estimates for a community swimming pool project still over budget, we hope city and county leaders will consider what would likely be a much less expensive alternative — another sprayground.

We realize that a sprayground — a playground that has squirting water features built into it — is not a swimming pool, but it may be a much better and much less expensive alternative.

The spraygrounds at North Natchez Park were built in 2000 and — aside from periodic repairs that the city sometimes delays due to budgetary constraints — has entertained and cooled off hundreds and hundreds of area children.

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Has anyone in city or county government considered the cost of adding another sprayground into Natchez’s parks repertoire?

It would seem a logical compromise, particularly given the city’s ongoing financial concerns.

A sprayground would be safer and likely require far less maintenance than a public swimming pool.

Since the north side of the city already has a sprayground, adding another one in Duncan Park might make the most sense.

The idea is worth considering, particularly if the pool project doesn’t have complete funding or a complete maintenance plan yet.