ACCS senior aiming to put injury behind him, eyes final year

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 23, 2017

When Adams County Christian School senior Daniel Huff was in the ninth grade, he absorbed a blow that many don’t come back from.

Huff took a snap from his quarterback position, running a designed draw play before being tackled by a slew of Delta Charter defenders during a ninth and 10th grade game.

But it wasn’t the onslaught of tacklers that caused the scare.

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“It was me hitting my head on the back of the ground,” he said.

The injury caused Huff to miss two weeks of the season and is something he still has to manage to this day, he said.

“If I hit the back of my head on anything, I can feel a headache coming on,” Huff said. “I try not to put myself in situations where I could re-injure myself.”

With Huff now entering his final year at ACCS, Rebels coach David King said he is now beginning to see him back to his former self.

“He’s back, and I’m seeing the confidence coming back to him,” King said. “He’s just as tough as they come.”

King said he will rely on Huff to play a variety of roles this season — seeing time at quarterback, wide receiver, defensive back, linebacker as well as place holding on kicks.

“He is a great locker room guy. He is the most unselfish player on our team,” King said. “He is a very good athlete, and he’s probably going to end up starting for us because he wills himself to be the best.

“He is just getting back in the swing of things. (Concussions) aren’t easy to come back from, and he had a bad one. “

Perhaps Huff’s team-first mentality stems from former Rebel standouts in his family.

“(ACCS) is a big thing in my family,” he said. “We have so many things of ACCS in my house  just lining the walls. We have trophies and a couple of championship rings.”

Huff himself has added to the family championship wall after having serving on three consecutive district champion teams, in addition to a state runner-up last year. And while he is hopeful to add more in his final stint, he is more than happy suiting up with his teammates each and every day.

“I just want to have fun and play football,” Huff said.