Democratic Party is coming to an end

Published 11:32 pm Saturday, June 24, 2017

These are the most interesting times we have experienced in our country since the second World War — our new president has been providing us daily with reported activities that reverse the socialist agendas of the past, while the losers of the 2016 election are daily decrying and blaming each other for that loss. Extremist leftists are inciting revolution and are shooting Republicans.

Meanwhile the Democrat Party is searching for a candidate to run against Trump in 2020 — Elizabeth Warren has declared herself a candidate, Eric Holder considers himself to be a candidate and Bernie Sanders wants to run as a socialist while dismissing the Democratic National Committee as the corrupt organization that it has proven to be.

Let us analyze this. The DNC wants ideally to represent union workers, environmentalists, celebrities and the minorities. President Trump by creating millions of jobs and instigating a program to rebuild the country’s infrastructure is causing unbridled well being for union workers as well as all non-union workers. Very few union bosses can overcome those happenings in order to get their clientele to vote for a DNC candidate. The environmentalists will vote against Trump because of his views on global warming and exposing it to be a fraud. The celebrities consist of Hollywood millionaires and the news media.

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When the American people rose up and rejected everything Obama accomplished to evoke socialism in this country and basically to destroy America, the media was surprised and upset violently.

Their reactions have stirred up more hatred on the part of the American people toward them all, and we see the results of this in the past four elections in Georgia, South Carolina, Kansas and Montana. The celebrities poured millions into each of these races and lost.

The minority blocks will continue to support the DNC candidates but to a lesser degree as new jobs being created by Trump policies come into fruition. Men and women having employment provide feelings of pride whereas taking money from the government in the various forms of unemployment benefits are essentially degrading and embarrassing. As more people go to work, there will be less cause to vote for a Democrat.

So where does that leave the DNC? Like the No-Nothing Party of the 1850s that evolved into the Republican Party, the DNC will have to establish a new basis for its existence, and its strongest remaining group appears to be the youngsters who voted for Bernie Sanders. Bernie will be 80 in 2020, so he will be questionable as a candidate, but he can influence his followers into establishing a Socialist Party that will say goodbye to the hated DNC. If the DNC runs any candidates, they will be a minority third party while the Socialists take up the cause of free everything and ultimate anarchy.

The Democrats still in Congress are hastening the aforementioned conclusion by voting against the well being of the country every chance they get. The American people are watching!
Andrew Peabody

Natchez resident