Family grieves over loss of relative

Published 11:31 pm Saturday, June 24, 2017

As I glance out of my kitchen window at the sun rising suddenly, I hear the sound of the pitter-patter of tiny feet.

She’s the beautiful, brown-eyed baby girl of my beloved brother, Charles Edward. I gently embrace her as she gazes at me with such an endearing smile, one of many attributes reflecting memories of her father.

There is nothing more precious than the touch of a baby’s hand in yours, so warm and soft.  No parent should be deprived of that touch. Life offers many treasures the most valuable of which are  health, family, peace of mind and peace with “God.”

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Our family has been interrupted by the untimely demise of a “special loved one.” It is my belief that it is the duty of every individual, for his or her sake and for the sake humanity, to inform themselves regarding the laws of life and conscientiously to obey them.

Nevertheless, the practice of these principles is often looked upon as a matter too trivial to demand attention.

It all begins in the home in which children are reared. If parents could be led to trace the result of their actions, good or evil, becoming fully aware that by their example and teaching, they perpetuate and increase the power of sin or the power of righteousness, perhaps a change would indeed be made.

Frankly speaking, it is apparently clear that the lack of home training may be traced to the result of the large, spreading growth of disease, misery and crime that curse humanity. Parents are to lay down for their children the foundation of a healthy, happy Christian life, sending them out into the world with moral stamina to resist temptation, having strength and courage to contend successfully with life’s problems.

As devoted parents, we must inspire purpose in our children and help make their lives honorable to “God,” a blessing to this world. The home should be a refuge for our tempted youth because many people stand at the parting of ways. Every impression and influence will determine the choices that shape their destiny both here and hereafter.

Kind words, simply spoken with attention will sweep away the dark clouds of temptation which gather over the soul. If we lose the home, we are at grave risk of undermining all those elements of stability and strength which contribute to the well-being of our lives and that of our children. Every act of a decision by a person cast its weight into the scale that determines life’s  consequences when a weakened soul struggles to regain manhood or womanhood after reaping the harvest of their evil sowing.

There is nothing in this world that demonstrates our human frailty more forcefully than pain. My dear brother was a kind, gentle, loving Christian man with such potential, who would give a stranger the shirt off his back. He was adored by his family and loved so deeply.

He was so excited about taking his baby girl traveling with him to see the world in his international truck. What plans he had.

Our hearts are heavy; our grief is enormous.

An amazing, wonderful human being is gone too soon.

Shirley Campbell is the youngest sister of the late Charles Edward Knight, who was killed in a November 2015 shooting.