Flotilla has become area tradition

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 30, 2017

Tomorrow, when the Lake St. John Flotilla gets under way, a Miss-Lou tradition will mark 25 years of fun.

Always held the Saturday before the Fourth of July, the annual parade of boats and the blessing of the lake’s “fleet” has become a summer tradition.

The flotilla can be a bit like a floating Mardi Gras parade on the lake. Boaters decorate their craft and compete for bragging rights if they win the decorating contest.

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A priest provides a blessing to the boats as they pass by and generally everyone has a great time.

A number of volunteers work behind the scenes to make sure the flotilla gets off without a hitch.

In addition, law enforcement officers will be on the water as well to ensure boaters follow safety regulations and stay safe as they enjoy the festivities.

The flotilla does not just happen. It’s created each year through much hard work and cooperation.

For all of the volunteers, we offer our “thanks” in advance of Saturday’s event.

And for all participants we urge them to plan today to have a designate captain who will not drink and pilot a boat or personal watercraft. The dangers of doing so are too great to risk it for a brief bit of fun.

We hope everyone has a great — and safe — flotilla experience.