Events mark week of good news

Published 10:34 pm Sunday, July 9, 2017

With the Fourth of July behind us and the first day of school just a few weeks ahead, let us take a moment to reflect on the good things that happened last week:

  • The Miss-Lou celebrated the Fourth of July holiday with patriotism and fireworks. On both sides of the river, residents gathered to watch the annual fireworks display light up the Mississippi River skies. People gathered on the Vidalia Riverfront early to celebrate with music from local bands and singers. Thanks to the Vidalia Beautification Committee for decorating the riverfront amphitheater and sidewalks with flags, ribbons and other red, white and blue decorations. Thanks to all who helped make the Independence Day holiday patriotic and memorable.
  • Reese McCann may only be a sophomore, but the first-degree black belt at the Moo Sul Kwan karate studio is sharing his life lessons with the students of the Natchez martial arts studio. In his quest for the black belt, McCann’s mother Laura McCann said her son has learned patience, courage and confidence. Studio owner Ken Rogers says Reese’s biggest assets is his perseverance and ability to motivate others. Since earning his black belt, Reese has taken on more responsibility, teaching the lessons he has learned to future karate masters.
  • More than 175 residents gathered at the Natchez Convention Center Thursday to shape the future of downtown. With maps, markers and imagination, those who attended the FOR Natchez public workshops shared their unique visions. Experts led by former city planner Phil Walker have taken the many proposals and ideas and have worked to develop preliminary designs for downtown that they will unveil to the public on Tuesday.  Although not every idea proposed last week will ultimately become a part of the final plans, we thank all who came to share their vision — without it, our town wouldn’t be as unique and vibrant.

Let us remember to thank those who continue to make our community great.

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