Consolidation could help fund concepts

Published 11:55 pm Thursday, July 13, 2017

Tuesday night’s big picture concept of a revitalized downtown were interesting and exciting. They were visionary and common sense filled.

But mostly, they are ideas that lack a funding source at this point.

The concepts presented as a next phase of the FOR Natchez plan are good and fine. But to be implemented will require money and leaders with discipline.

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Both are lacking the in city at the moment.

Sadly, Natchez continues to elect some public officials that care more about their own re-election, their own travel on the taxpayers’ dime and their own ability to influence a few government jobs than the long-term future of our community.

City leaders continue to spend money on unbudgeted causes without fully understanding the city’s financial situation.

They travel the state and nation on taxpayers’ behalf while our police and fire personnel are understaffed and underpaid.

If Natchez will again soar — economically, educationally and socially — we must get our priorities straight.

Less government would start the process of sorting out our direction.

Consolidating city and county government is a great place to start. Reducing the government overhead should create additional funds to properly pay for law enforcement and fire protection as well as begin to work through the list of big picture items the FOR Natchez plan revealed.