Community needs unity in Christ

Published 1:08 am Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Diagnosis of disunity, prognosis of unity only with Jesus. Our great city is indeed in crisis.

Many old roots and seeds of disunity have begun to bring forth a harvest of fruit that none wish to taste.

Natchez, we need God’s presence. The greatest unifier of all time is God’s presence.

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Unity does not just happen. It is obtained. It is received and embraced. “Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in their midst.”

It was custom for decades in our nation that before any event, unity was obtained — through prayer, to the one and only true and living God.

We do not have a race problem, a financial problem or personal problems — we have a pride problem. We are so proud we have left God out and attempted to live on our own, as we wish.

And what a mess we have made. We will have to get back to the basic truth: the person who walks, converses and prays with Christ; the family that prays together; the church that prays together; the community that prays together; the city that prays together; the state that prays together; the nation that prays together — they will, in God’s presence unified, thrive together!

As a pastor in our city, I would like to encourage a city-wide meeting — a meeting in which we pray in one mind and one accord and usher in God’s presence. If our focus is on God first and his righteousness, all other things will be added. We have been headed down the wrong road for too long, and we are seeing the fruit of it; and although it has been too long, it will never be too late for the spirit of the true and living God to turn us around!

Some might say, “Something has to happen now, that prayer is too late, or even what can prayer do?”

I would say, “This community has tried the wrong thing time and time again — my way, your way; but not, God’s way.”

This is about more than a tax rate and it is about more than updated school rooms.

This is about a city whose future is limited due to alcohol abuse, drug abuse, gambling, increasing crime rates, rising poverty, unemployment, perversion at every turn and all because the Body of Christ has stepped back and become irrelevant.

God’s relevance in any person’s life is subject to that person’s obedience to God. Our city has stepped away from God, and you cannot argue that fact because the “fruit reveals the root.”

It’s time for the spiritual leaders to shake themselves, rise up and in unity bring our petitions to Jesus — not our personal wish list, but instead, a cry of repentance and reverent worship to and of our Lord and Savior.

I am in prayer for a when and where for this “HIS PRESENCE MEETING.”

If you are interested and have suggestions, please reach out and contact me and let’s start reversing the curses over our city.
The Rev. Eddie King is the pastor of  Parkview Church of God at 577 John R. Junkin Drive in Natchez. He can be contacted at 601-757-8927.