School board meeting raises many concerns

Published 12:33 am Sunday, August 6, 2017

As I watched a video of last Thursday’s NASD meeting, I was appalled at what was allowed to happen by Mr. Amos James. In my opinion when the banter between Philip West and others got out of hand he should have brought order, but he did not.

As I understood comments offered by Kevin Wilson, and others, they were only asking for more time to gather required signatures to place the $9 million dollar loan on the ballot for the general public to vote its wishes.

Education is paramount to everything in life and until our schools rise above a D classification, building a new school will not influence students to study harder and make better grades. Once this is achieved then perhaps people will be more inclined to agree to new buildings.

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I cannot believe the board did not have police presence knowing what could transpire in a heated discussion. I also cannot understand why its attorney wasn’t present, or a replacement, also knowing there would be questions of legality it could not answer.

When Mr. Wilson asked what was the time frame to submit petitions no one could answer and said its attorney would have to answer.  It is interesting to me when other boards meet an attorney is always present.

For adults to behave the way some did certainly doesn’t send a positive message to our students. Lead by example and perception is reality are two mainstays in my opinion.
Jim Sanders

Natchez resident