Fayette woman lets faith guide her

Published 11:43 pm Friday, August 11, 2017


The Natchez Democrat

FAYETTE — Fayette native Dreka Shevon says she knows what it means to step out on faith and let God work.

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After graduating as salutatorian of her class in Jefferson County, Shevon went on to study at Alcorn State University and then the University of Southern Mississippi. She had a brief desire to pursue a career in medicine but later decided to focus on film.

In 2004, Shevon started working for several media companies. When she was offered an extension to her contract as a television station production manager in 2016, Shevon decided to follow the dream and vision she felt was God given — the notion to go out on her own.

“I got rid of my apartment and things I had and decided I wanted to move to pursue my dreams,” she said.

Little did she know, her real faith would be tested when plans to celebrate with friends on her birthday quickly turned into a trip to the hospital operating room.

“I tell you there’s nothing that can get your faith in line more than when you’re hearing doctor’s say the ‘C’ word in association with your name,” Shevon said. “I will never forget talking to my mom, and she was praying for me, but she told me she could not have faith for me. I was going to have to believe Him for my healing.”

Tests first revealed she might have lymphoma.

After surgery to remove some polyps, she waited for yet another test. After tests had come back inconclusive, doctors asked to come back in six months, then a year and then most recently, they told her that she did not have to return for 10 years.

“The spot (doctors were concerned about) was gone, and all of my other issues were gone, too,” Shevon said. “This test only increased my patience and built my testimony.”

After dealing with her health issues, Shevon now focuses on her professional life as an entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast. She has even launched an apparel line called “Faithful, Fit and Favored” to inspire others to remain faithful in the face of adversity.

“I consider myself a woman of faith and a praying warrior now, but I was not always like this,” Shevon said.

Shevon said she wants people to know that faith is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

“Fit means I am fit, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially and physically,” she said. “Favored just reminds me that no matter where I go, I am highly favored and that all things are working for my good.”

Shevon said she is currently working to receive her personal trainer certification. She hopes to create workout apparel and other clothing lines that speak to the spirit and is something that inspires those who wear it and those who view it.

Shevon said her story is a testimony that those who have the idea to do something centered on faith should follow the idea.

“The world needs you,” Shevon said. “The kingdom needs soldiers who are willing and not afraid to show to whom they belong. If God gives you the vision, remember He will also give you the provision.”