Grain down at county port

Published 12:05 am Monday, August 14, 2017

NATCHEZ — The Natchez-Adams County Port director said the heavy rainfall this summer has not been good for farmers that in turn causes a lack of activity at the port.

Port Director Anthony Hauer said the farmers have not been able to get in their fields due to the rainfall.

“The effect of the rain has slowed our customers down, which slows us down on grain,” Hauer said. “Typically we have shipped more grain by now.”

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By early August last year, Hauer said 15 barges of grain had been loaded. This year, only two have been loaded.

A barge typically contains 1,700 to 2,200 tons of grain, Hauer said.

Once the rain clears, Hauer said he thinks activity at the port will pick back up.

“I anticipate as soon as we get a dry spell, we will see farmers get busy, busy,” Hauer said. “As an effect, we will be busy.

“We will just have to wait until it dries out.”

U.S. Climate Data indicates from April to July Natchez received 26.73 inches of precipitation, with 18.67 inches being the average for the four-month period.

In April, Natchez recorded 7.28 inches of rainfall, with the norm being 4.53. Precipitation was also up in May, with 5.92 inches being recorded and 4.84 being normal.

June’s precipitation totals came in more than 3 inches above average, with 8.41 inches falling and the norm being 5.28 inches. July was above average, as well, with 5.28 inches falling and 4.02 inches being the norm.