County accepts $830,000 for roof damaged during tornado

Published 12:03 am Saturday, August 19, 2017

NATCHEZ — Adams County supervisors accepted Friday an approximately $830,000 insurance check for damage to the former International Paper warehouse roof.

The roof was damaged when an EF2 tornado struck the Cloverdale community on April 30. The county plans to rent the warehouse to Delta Energy, which in turn plans to use the building to expand its business. Delta Energy plans to bring a total of 91 jobs to the community.

Board Attorney Scott Slover said after meeting with contractors and Travelers Insurance, the replacement value of the roof was set at $1.1 million.

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However, Slover said Travelers has depreciated the roof by 30 percent, which led to the approximately $830,000 figure.

Slover said he sent a letter to Travelers contesting that amount, and asking the company to clarify why they chose to depreciate the value by 30 percent instead of paying out at replacement value.

Slover said accepting the approximately $830,000 would not take away the county’s ability to receive additional funds from Travelers.

County Administrator Joe Murray said he would update a FEMA damage worksheet to also seek the additional $300,000 needed to replace the entire roof.

Murray said while the roof is down, Travelers is also funding $15,000 rent per month the county is losing with Delta Energy not being in the building.

Board President Mike Lazarus said as soon as the roof is repaired, the county would turn the building over to Delta Energy.