Solar eclipse changed focus, briefly

Published 12:04 am Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Monday’s solar eclipse managed to do two pretty rare things — focused the country on something positive and impressed our jaded national conscious.

From coast to coast and many parts between, America paused to consider one of our world’s truly celestial wonders.

It’s a simple thing, just a shadow really, but having the sun blocked out entirely by the moon is rare enough to truly intrigue us all.

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Aside from the utter beauty of seeing the sun’s corona shimmer from the near perfect circle the moon creates, the total eclipse is also a scientific wonder as well.

Enormous celestial bodies move in concert with one another, traveling on what appears to be a divinely set course.

How can one not be awed by such an amazing sight?

And, aside from a few news items that crept into the national discussion, the eclipse consumed much of the attention Monday.

Matters of politics were quiet.

Issues of race were settled.

The economy wasn’t receiving undue attention.

All eyes were looking to the heavens — either literally or through a television screen.

The day was truly refreshing for the change of pace the shadow brought.

Imagine how much brighter our days would be if we had a solar eclipse every day.