The Dart: Mother helps daughter learn to ride bike

Published 12:47 am Monday, August 28, 2017


VIDALIA — Four-year-old Braeleigh Hernandez was eagerly looking forward to her first day of kindergarten this past Friday, but she was not going to let her last moments of summer go to waste.

When The Dart landed on Robert Gray Street in Vidalia, Braeleigh was with her mom Danae as the Delta Charter School student was riding her bike on the road for the first time.

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“We’re just riding,” Danae said. “We’re trying to master the smaller (bike) before we take a step up.”

Braeleigh had spent the summer peddling in her driveway, but on this day she was up for a new challenge.

Danae walked steadily beside her daughter as Braeleigh peddled her pink bike with all her force up and down the street.

“Whoa! You’re picking up speed,” Danae said to her daughter. “She keeps saying she wants to take the training wheels off. But I keep telling her, ‘We have to make sure we get good and balanced before that.’”

Braeleigh also relishes thrills cruising in her Minnie Mouse Jeep. Her color of choice, of course, being pink — Braeleigh’s favorite.

Danae said while Braeleigh enjoys riding her bike, she loves to be outside just in general.

“She likes climbing a crape myrtle tree,” Danae said. “That’s her favorite climbing tree — she calls it her tree house. She’s all about being outside.

“She says, I’m going to play in the tree house, mom,” Danae said.

But Thursday was spent hanging out with mom, learning to ride her bike.

“She could probably go all day,” Danae said.