America has been truly blessed

Published 12:04 am Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Jim Wiggins has written for our benefit a lengthy documentary on Hitler’s Reich pointing out all of its shortcomings and labeling it fascist racism. Granted, it became in its infancy a nightmarish regime for many in the German Republic, for that was what Germany was before Hitler burned down the Reichstag. But we should keep in mind that the alternative to Germany’s form of government in the 1930s was communism.

The people chose to accept Hitler in order to avoid becoming a communist state. When the Germans looked over their border at Stalin’s USSR, they saw what we have read about in Orwell’s book “1984.” They saw 50,000,000 Russian people starve to death on purpose in 1937. They did not want any part of that.

Hitler relied on his form of racism to promote pride in the German people which had been necessary to rebuild the German infrastructure and provide armaments for his planned war. If, however, Hitler had not invaded Poland, Hitler’s Germany would still be in existence and could have become the shining light of Europe.

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Because Hitler was a lunatic, he lost the war and the 1,000 Year Reich went up in smoke.

Fascism is not just represented by Hitler. Fascism does not represent racism. It may have in Hitler’s Reich, but there are many examples where race has no part in a fascist state. Take for example Franco’s Spain. His break with the Spanish monarchy was to prevent the government from becoming communist (the common scourge in Europe at that time). In the Spanish Civil War, Stalin sent troops and warplanes to aid the Spanish communists and many American communists went to Spain to fight Franco as well, while Germany sent troops and warplanes to help Franco. When the fighting ended, Franco’s government proved to be beneficial for all of the Spanish people for years and years. When Franco died, his wish was to turn the government back over to the monarchy but with a strong democratic parliament.

Another example is Argentina.

The Perons tried to provide a beneficial fascist government for their people, but greed ultimately did them in.

Jim has written his six part treatise on Hitler’s fascist state in order to compare what happened in Germany in the 1930s to what he sees as happening now under President Trump’s governance.

It is his warning to all of us that there are similar circumstances and we must all rally around the “Antifascists” who are the racists on the Left.

The Antifas are those who demonstrate for the BLM, the MS13s, the criminals being protected in sanctuary cities and states, the many faces of the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, the polling companies that poll only Democrats, the tree hugging racists, the Hollywood elite and the Soros backed establishment. The quiet majority of Americans went about their business quietly for eight years without rioting under Obama while his government established socialism in this country.

Many of us thought there would be no way he would give up power after Trump was elected, that he would install himself as the Communist leader with the backing of his Homeland Security Department.

Unbelievably we had a peaceful transition. Now we have a government we can all be proud of, one that wishes to provide millions of new jobs so that no one needs to be unemployed, one which wants to repair and create new infrastructure, one that wants to keep criminals out of our country, one that wants to protect our country with suitable arms and military and one that treats every American regardless of race, color or religion as equals.

Our new president is a little rough around the edges, but he is all for this country, America, and for ALL of its citizens. We have been truly blessed!
Andrew Peabody is a Natchez resident.