Three more qualify for upcoming election for justice court judge

Published 12:33 am Thursday, September 7, 2017


NATCHEZ — With the deadline to qualify for the November special election Friday, three new people have qualified for the Adams County Justice Court Judge for the southern district. A total of eight people have qualified for the three positions that will be on the Nov. 7 ballot.

The most recent people to qualify for justice court judge are Stanley N. “Bucky” Merritt, Timothy Blalock and Eileen Mary Maher, said Circuit Court Clerk Eddie Walker.

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Previously, Danny Barber and Jack Blaney qualified.

Bryan Callaway and Shameca Collins previously qualified for Adams County Prosecutor.

Alma Fletcher previously qualified for District 5 Election Commissioner.

The justice court seat is up for grabs after former judge Charlie Vess announced his retirement in December.

Hyde Carby, who was appointed by the Adams County Board of Supervisors, has been filling in as interim justice court judge.

Since a special election already scheduled, former prosecuting attorney Barret Martin decided earlier this year to retire effective May 31. Aisha Sanders was appointed by supervisors to serve in the position on the interim.

Fletcher, the incumbent, decided to not seek the election commission during the 2016 election. When no one else qualified, supervisors appointed Fletcher to serve as interim until the special election. Fletcher has since decided to seek the position.

The only county-wide election is for county prosecuting attorney.

Districts 1 and 2 and parts of Districts 3 and 5 will elect the Southern District Justice Court Judge. District 5 will vote for its election commissioner.

To qualify, a person must live in the respective district of the position. A law degree is not required to serve as justice court judge, but the county prosecuting attorney must be a practicing attorney.