Great River Industries to expand

Published 12:07 am Saturday, September 9, 2017

NATCHEZ — Great River Industries could be expanding by as many as 100 jobs over the coming year.

The company, formally known as Enersteel, began in Adams County during 2011 with a $20 million investment and 150 jobs. Looking to the future, Great River Industries officials have set a targeted sales goal of $100 million for 2018. And with that goal, the company is bringing more jobs to the community.

“We at GRI are committed to employing, training and instilling our industry leading safety culture in the men and women of Mississippi and its surrounding areas,” Great River Industries Sales Manager Adam Bourgeois said. “We feel that we offer a very unique opportunity to the area where folks can grow with us to meet our lofty goals in industrial fabrication and construction industry. GRI is happy and excited to invest in Natchez and Adams County.”

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Great River Industries specializes in fabricated steel plate products that include storage tanks and pressure vessels for industrial process markets. The company’s customers include oil and gas, power generation, liquefied natural gas, petro-chemical and other industrial industries. GRI also produces ductwork and other major air quality control components for the power and energy industry.

Russ said the company has added additional customers. Great River will buy more equipment, but Russ said the total is undisclosed.

Great River Industries, located near the Natchez-Adams County Port, employs 180 to 200 people with some of the most common job opportunities being welders, fitters and office personnel.

“Natchez, Inc., in conjunction with all of our partners, are pleased to make this expansion announcement as GRI continues to grow and make investments in our region,” Natchez Inc. Executive Director Chandler Russ said. “The additional jobs come at a much needed time, and we truly appreciate GRI, their employees and their management for having the confidence in our region to grow and expand here.”

Russ also lauded the company’s commitment to safety. Russ said Great River Industries human performance improvement and the behavior-based safety programs set the standard for employees inside the facility and on any job site.

Board of Supervisors President Mike Lazarus said he was looking forward to continuing to work with Great River Industries.

“On behalf of Adams County and the Board of Supervisors, we simply say congratulations and thank you for your continued growth and for giving our people the opportunity to work,” Lazarus said. “We will continue to be a partner with GRI in the future by providing the support needed from local government to help GRI meet their goals.”

The company has expanded at least three times since opening.

For more information on job opportunities with Great River Industries see the WIN Job Center in Natchez.

Natchez Inc. plans to host an Industrial Job Fair in the near future. The date time and location will be publicly announced through our local media outlets.