ACCS senior leans on large support system to excel on field

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 11, 2017

Everyone has their challenges in life, but ACCS senior Daniel Huff isn’t going to let that bring him down.

Huff — who has attended ACCS since kindergarten — has always fed off a large support system.

“I have a bunch of family — five sisters and three brothers, more cousins than I can count,” he said. “It’s hard to keep up with all of them, but it’s just normal for me.”

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Despite the full family, Huff said he is known to have a calm demeanor.

“I’m like the guy that sits back and watches things pan out,” he said. “When it comes to it, I do like to step up and take leadership but things usually resolve themselves. I’m just a laid back person, that’s just how it’s always been.”

Huff said he gets the character from his biggest supporter — his dad. Huff’s father, however, died three years ago.

“We were best friends,” he said. “He was just always there, asking me how practice was and coming to the games.”

Now that he is in his final year of high school, Huff said he thinks his dad would be especially delighted.

When he isn’t playing football as a quarterback, receiver or defensive back, Huff plays soccer, basketball and runs track.

“I feel like he would be so proud because I stuck to it and stuck to all my sports for so long,” he said.

Supporting him in the stands on Friday nights these days, Huff said, are his grandparents and two of his older sisters.

“I’ve been living with my grandparents since I was five. They come to all the games — they don’t miss one. They love it. They just love this school and support it in every way. They are proud of me, too.”

While on the field, Huff said ACCS coach David King also shows he cares.

After Huff suffered a concussion in the ninth grade, he said King has allowed him to take it steady.

“It’s been tough, but he has always let me take it at my own pace,” Huff said. “I go as fast as I can without getting reinjured. I have to protect myself as best I can.”

King said it’s sometimes hard to tell Huff has ever been hurt.

“Daniel is a tough kid who is going places in this world. I know it’s hard to bounce back, but he never complains,” King said. “No matter what is going on in his home life, personal life or what happened during the school day, he doesn’t bring that out here. Coaching is stressful enough, but when you deal with all these different personalities each year its always comforting to have that one kid who just comes to work.”

When Huff’s final campaign comes to a close, he said he really wants something to show off to his support system.

Huff and the rest of his senior class have played for a state championship twice in their careers, but have yet to take home the title.

“A ring — I think that’s what everyone is hoping for,” Huff said. “It would mean everything. We have come a long way to get it.”