Civilians rescue two men in Adams County wreck

Published 12:06 am Monday, September 11, 2017

NATCHEZ — Ron BeQuette in a few minutes early Sunday morning went from watching TV to helping several other civilians pull two men from a burning vehicle.

BeQuette said he was watching “Live PD” reruns when he heard on a police scanner about a Cranfield Road accident approximately a mile from where he lives.

At first, BeQuette said he did not think anything of it. Accidents are common. Then BeQuette said he heard the car was flipped over and on fire.

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BeQuette grabbed his fire extinguisher and went running to his vehicle.

BeQuette said he does not normally respond to accidents on the scanner but with how severe it sounded and how close it was, BeQuette said he felt compelled to act.

“I knew with how far out in the county it was that someone had to get out there quickly to help,” he said. “I knew I could not go to sleep with it being on my mind.

“It was hard for me to ignore, as I hope it would have been for anyone else.”

BeQuette said when he arrived, several civilians were already on scene helping. Two had been the ones who spotted the wreck and called 911. The dispatcher’s log lists the accident being called in at 1:03 a.m.

The vehicle had flipped into a gully near where the railroad tracks cross Cranfield Road, on the corner of Old Highway 84 No. 3, BeQuette said.

“It’s a pretty bad curve right there,” he said. “It was upside down and in the worst possible location.”

BeQuette said with a different fire extinguisher someone else had and a water cooler, the men got the fire under control. BeQuette said a fellow rescuer then busted the window out and they got the first man out of the vehicle.

BeQuette said they were able to get the first victim out of the gully, as he was not in as much pain as the second man.

The rescuers then worked together to get the second man out, BeQuette said. The second man was in pain and BeQuette said emergency responders, who arrived approximately 10 minutes after BeQuette arrived, got the man out of the gully using a flatboard.

BeQuette said it was good to see so many civilians come together to assist in the rescue.

“Four to five guys who don’t know each other from anyone working together like that was neat,” he said. “We were building human chains with each others arms to get back up the hill.

“That is what the world needs more of, people helping people no matter who they are or where they come from.”

BeQuette said he wanted to thank the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, Natchez Fire Department, the Adams County volunteer firefighters and AMR for their teamwork.

“We don’t know what these men and women go through every day,” BeQuette said. “Just to see it first hand was amazing.”