Football games teach us lessons

Published 12:03 am Friday, September 15, 2017

Two very good lessons will be had tonight, as high school football games get under way.

Trinity Episcopal Day School’s football game scheduled for tonight will not be played, but it will serve as a lesson for the rest of us — know your limits.

The school announced earlier this week that due to a high number of injuries and a relatively small number of players healthy enough to play, the school had canceled tonight’s scheduled game against St. Joseph-Greenville.

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Football is a game of toughness. It’s a game in which players are sometimes coached to play through the pain of injuries.

And those lessons can be good ones for the players, who learn teamwork, hard work and mental and physical fortitude.

But logic must also weigh in at times, and Trinity was wise to hit the pause button and spend a week getting healed.

Their ability to know their limits and understand that their health and safety comes ahead of a football game earns our respect.

Across town at Cathedral, the school will honor one of the area’s best coaches.

The school’s football field will be officially named for longtime Cathedral coach Ken Beesley.

His nearly 40 years of coaching at the school are certainly to be commended.

In his years at the helm of Cathedral’s varsity team, Beesley’s teams won more than 200 games and he inspired generations of football players along the way.

Beesley’s humble approach to coaching and his professionalism taught players, coaches and fans what sports are truly all about — competing fairly and doing one’s best.

Both Beesley and the Trinity team showed both of those traits.