Vidalia Little League Tennis signups begin

Published 1:02 am Sunday, October 1, 2017

Concordia Recreational Complex Tennis Director Frankie Spence is expanding his resources, hoping to spread knowledge of the game to players beginning at a younger age.

Spence has recently established a Little League Tennis program in Vidalia and is looking for children ages 6 to 13 to participate.

Teams will be made up of four boys or girls depending on age, and will play against other teams in a coach pitch style match play. Parents will coach the teams.

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“We are just now starting to get our own little group, but we are looking to get that core group,” Spence said. “High school tennis has dropped off a little bit, so if we start them at elementary they start getting competitive. By the time they get to junior high and high school, we will match up with the bigger areas.”

Spence said the league will end with a championship, while also forming all-star teams by age group.

Signup will run through this weekend, with league play beginning the following week.

“We will begin with what we have, and if other kids want to start they can,” Spence said. “This is basically just to give us a starting point so it can grow.”

Spence also said children who receive tennis lessons from Natchez Tennis Director Henry Harris are eligible to participate.

“We are not pulling from one place, it’s all together,” he said.

Beginning the league, Spence said, will also allow him to spot star players.

“With this, we can watch the ones that develop faster and pull them into a group to accelerate them,” he said. “The ones that don’t, we can keep them there and help them out. Hopefully and eventually, great things happen with all of them.”