Come to ‘Thank you’ concert Thursday

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 2, 2017

What do you have in common with an old theatre organ, a bunch of elves, beautiful scenes of Christmas and eight tiny reindeer?

The answer is a simple one: these items would not have been “ brought back to life” without your support and encouragement!

At 6 p.m. Thursday at New Covenant Church, I will be presenting a program of piano music just for you, as a way of saying, “Thank you,” for your help in restoring the old Baker Grand theatre organ and the I.P. Christmas decorations that were falling apart.

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The long process of restoration would hardly have been made possible without your contributions, both financially and in your kind words of support. It has truly been a huge “labor of love,” and I sincerely hope that it all brings much happiness to as many people as possible.

The only real way I have of showing my appreciation is to give you some music, played on the Steinway grand at New Covenant.

I am going to mix it up, and present pieces from the “Big Band” era and numbers that I used to play at the old “Cock of the Walk” restaurant. I may even throw in some modern pieces!

Don’t be surprised if you hear such pieces as “Spaghetti Rag” or “Grace and Beauty,” numbers from the ragtime period.

Or maybe the ubiquitous “Entertainer.”  Or, perhaps, Joplin’s “Solace.”

If we jump forward a bit, you might be treated to the toe-tapping melody of “I’ve Got Rythym,” or the jumping “Swinging On A Star.”

There is so much great material to choose from, it becomes very difficult to whittle it all down to a program of just over an hour, but what an hour it will be!

“Let’s Get Away From It All” is a classic from the “Big Band” period, along with “The Jersey Bounce,” “Daddy,” “Making Whoopie,” “Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off” and so many others.

How about “Our Love Is Here To Stay”?

I could even move quickly into the 60s on up with “Spinning Wheel,” “One Tin Soldier,” “Kodachrome” and other such hits of their day.

As you can see, it will be a swift moving program, for I want to put as much good music out there in a short amount of time, with as much variety to appeal to many tastes.

All to say, “Thank you!”

In the past, I have not charged for these programs, but have asked for “love offerings” to help with the expenses of restoring the aforementioned items. This time will be different.

There will be no charge and no “offerings.” It is completely free to all.

In closing, let me again extend an invitation to you, that if you would like to see and hear the restored Baker Grand theatre organ please contact me! I would very much enjoy showing her to you, and playing a few (or a lot!) of pieces for your enjoyment!

I invite you to also take advantage of the Facebook page “Friends of the old IP Christmas displays.”

There you will find pictures of what has been restored, and pictures of what is currently in the process of being repaired. I update it a lot, along with comments on how it is going, what is being problematic and what obstacles are being overcome. Feel free to send a request to join and see the displays come back to life.

So mark your calendar, circle the date, put it on your phone, tablet, computer and get on the phone and call somebody! Bring a friend with you, by all means!

At 6 p.m. Oct. 5 at New Covenant Church.

Bring an ear and I hope to fill it with music!
Burnley Cook is a Natchez resident.