Photograph of deputy in handicapped space surfaces

Published 11:45 pm Wednesday, October 4, 2017


NATCHEZ — An Adams County sheriff’s deputy will face punishment after a photograph surfaced of a deputy’s vehicle illegally parked in a handicapped parking space.

Adams County Sheriff Travis Patten lamented the “boneheaded” decision of his deputy and said he expects much more from people who work for the sheriff’s office.

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“That is not something that we are going to tolerate under any circumstances from anybody,” Patten said. “Believe me, I am extremely disappointed. I just want to let the public know, I apologize that this happened, and it won’t happen again — not under my watch.”

Patten did not disclose the deputy’s name or what the punishment for the deputy would be but said that he handled the situation as soon as he heard about it late Wednesday afternoon.

“That individual was dealt with immediately, and discipline was dealt out immediately.”

This incident comes on the heels of another handicapped parking controversy that occurred last month, which involved a Facebook post showing a local business owner’s company truck double-parked in two handicapped spaces in front of The Natchez Market No. 1.

Patten said he was especially upset a deputy would park in a handicapped spot after the issue had recently received attention.

“We don’t expect that from the public, but we (absolutely) don’t expect that from one of our own,” Patten said.