The Dart: Man finds enjoyment on driving course, driving range

Published 12:22 am Monday, October 16, 2017


NATCHEZ — In semi-retirement, Roy Bonds is working on narrowing his hobbies down to a more manageable and perhaps less expensive number.

When The Dart landed at Duncan Park Tuesday, the Natchez resident was at the driving range on his motorcycle, talking golf with a friend.

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Bonds, who works for Bruce Video Productions, had just finished filming a Natchez Board of Aldermen meeting and was out on the motorcycle for the first time in weeks on a clear afternoon.

“I love to have the air blowing in my hair,” Bonds said jokingly, as he pulled his helmet off to reveal he was bald except the hair on his chin. “I am here to get some golf tips, but I might go on a 10 to 15 mile drive before I go home.”

Now 60, Bonds bought his first motorcycle when he was 51.

“I just wanted to see what it was like,” Bonds said. “But this is probably my last bike. I am getting up there in age — I need to get to my rocking chair.”

Bonds said his wife, Patricia, hated it when he first bought the motorcycle and she still hates it.

“She looks at it and thinks, ‘That could be a sofa,’” Bond said, laughing.

He has somehow convinced his wife to go on trips with him, though, he said.

“She has been with me as far as Vicksburg,” Bonds said. “And I was glad to have her. Of course, I had to keep the speed down.

“I just remember she held on really tight, and I couldn’t hear her yelling to slow down,” he said. “But I tried to keep her comfortable.”

Before he sells the Honda ST1300, Bonds said he wanted to make one last trip. Bonds said he wants to ride through Atlanta, up to New York and back, visiting family along the way for the two-week trip.

Then, Bonds said, he wants to focus on finding his golf game.

Bonds was also a late arriver to the game of golf. When he was 40, he worked for Titan Tire and Charles Gaines got him into the sport.

“We were working the graveyard shift,” Bonds said. “Every morning when we got off, we’d go play golf all day. I’ve kept it up ever since.”

Bonds said he still had a lot to work on, though, which is what he was talking about with his friend.

“We’re just talking about grip, posture and the swing plane,” Bonds said. “I’m trying to become more consistent.

“When he swings, the ball goes straight. I spray it to the left or right.”

Bonds said it’s all in an effort to focus on cutting down his hobbies to something more manageable.

“I’ve got too much to do, and it’s all expensive,” Bonds said. “I need to narrow my focus so when I’m 75, maybe I can play golf and keep up with the old guys.”