Police investigate Wednesday morning break-ins

Published 12:22 am Thursday, October 19, 2017


NATCHEZ — Police are investigating an apparent break-in Wednesday morning at both Cathedral High School and Cathedral Elementary School.

Natchez Police Chief Walter Armstrong said the perpetrator used a brick to smash the windows of two doors to gain entry into the school buildings.

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The break-in occurred at approximately 5:30 a.m., Armstrong said.

Cathedral Chief Administrator Norm Yvon said a schoolteacher who was the first to arrive that morning realized someone had broken in and immediately reported the incident.

Yvon said whoever broke in used the brick to enter through the rear doors of both the high school and elementary buildings.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Armstrong said the only items noticed missing were a Samsung tablet and a set of keys.

Yvon said most of the missing keys are old and useless, but he assured that the school has taken precautions to keep the buildings secure.

“All of the locks that need to be changed are being changed,” Yvon said.

Yvon said he does not believe the perpetrator is affiliated with the school.

“It was an outsider, based on what I know,” Yvon said.

Yvon said he wanted ensure he did not compromise the police investigation by offering further detail.

Armstrong said police believe the Cathedral break-in might be connected to two other incidents that occurred recently. He said the characteristics of a break-in at Citizens Choice Federal Credit Union and a vehicle burglary off Auburn Avenue from a few weeks ago seem to point to the same suspect.

“We are looking at it from that angle,” Armstrong said.

Armstrong said officers as of Wednesday evening had not identified the suspect. He said nothing was stolen from the credit union.

Armstrong encouraged anyone with information regarding the break-in at Cathedral to contact the Natchez Police Department. Armstrong said callers could ask to speak to an investigator or Armstrong himself.