An update on efforts of Natchez-Adams County Taxpayers’ Association

Published 1:10 am Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Natchez-Adams County Taxpayers’ Association (NACTA) and a group of concerned citizens are pursuing multiple efforts to support a better education for children in the Natchez-Adams County School District. As the sole purpose and focus of NACTA is to take all lawful and concerted action to refocus and promote education in Natchez and Adams County, we want to update the citizens on our activities.

A petition has been filed with the Adams County Circuit Court, to challenge the current plans to spend a significant amount of additional taxpayer dollars, when it is evident from the minimal growth this past year that the current organization is not as effective as we believe they should be.

We believe that our children and their education are worth our efforts; we do not believe that providing more money to the failing leadership of the NASD to build buildings is the solution. Rather, specific and dedicated plans to correct the shortcomings of the NASD and its Board should be itemized and implemented, along with a system of oversight, so as to hold the NASD accountable.

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Currently, the Natchez-Adams School District (NASD) actions suggest that they have taken the position that the petition must be heard in chancery court, rather than circuit court. It should be noted that NACTA perceives this tactic as a mechanism to “forum shop,” seeking a presumably more favorable jurist. Since all of the judges of the circuit and chancery courts are elected by the citizens of this county and in an effort for the children of Adams County to be protected, proceedings are expected to request that a special, independent, judge be appointed by the Mississippi Supreme Court to address the issues raised in the petition.

Secondly, NACTA has made contact with the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE), so as to copiously document the failing of the NASD and how the conduct of district leadership is adversely affecting the educational rights and interests of the children who attend its schools. NACTA wishes to encourage others to voice their concerns to the MDE through its website at

Due to the conduct of the NASD in unlawfully taxing the citizens of Adams County for proposed facilities which do not directly enhance the educational pursuits of our children, NACTA will continue to take action to challenge any excessive taxation through the issuance of such bonds. The United States of America was founded on the principles that there should be no taxation without representation. Therefore, further challenges to the validation of such taxable bonds through the Mississippi Bonding Division are expected.

Finally, it is, indeed, the ultimate goal of NACTA and its concerned citizens to build an award-winning and successful school system from within for the future of our children and Adams County. We believe that a plan of building from without, through mere brick and mortar, is not the answer, and such action will not make a significant difference in improving the performance of our children.
Marcia McCullough is a member of the Natchez-Adams County Taxpayers Association.