Sikes brings hope back to Miss-Lou

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 3, 2017

First Baptist Church Natchez is bringing a very special, popular motivational speaker, Dean Sikes and his “YOU MATTER” campaign, back to the Miss-Lou Sunday night  through Thursday.

Sikes is taking words of hope to the next generation. Sikes speaks life. Since 1993, he has spoken at thousands of events, in nine nations of the world, with audiences that exceed 1.4 million students.

Through his “YOU MATTER” campaign, Sikes is dedicated to  minister words of hope that inspire a generation to more fully know God and His plan for their lives. His organization offers hope and encouragement and hopefully prevents suicide, injury or death. They can’t guarantee those results but pray for them to happen.

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In November 2010, Sikes was led to Proverbs 24:11: “Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.”

The more he read this verse, the more Sikes knew what he was being led to do. In January of 2012, what he had read in the book of Proverbs was now a mission that would require the remainder of his ministry to fulfill.

Sikes fervently believes that true, eternal hope is a gift from God; that it’s available to anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

Each week he is on his way somewhere to deliver and share inspirational words that strengthen, encourage and comfort teenagers who simply need their hope in life renewed. On average,  Sikes is on the road, ministering at youth events including school assemblies, 11 months each year.

Together with his wife Lori and their three children, the Sikes family make their home in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Two years ago, Sikes spoke to over 7,000 junior and senior high students in Carthage. This area had been having an epidemic of suicides and a local pastor reached out to Sikes and brought him in where in four days he spoke in 16 schools in four counties.

During that time, there were about 368 students who came to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and 323 students who turned from away from the desire to commit suicide. This is an awesome movement from God.

Over 4,000 students signed Sikes’s ‘THE I MATTER PLEDGE’ during their four days in Carthage.

The pledge simply states:

“I choose to live and not end my life because.”

1.  God created me as an original.

2.  God created me for relationship.

3.  God created me to fulfill a purpose.

There are many stories and testimonies of aborted suicides and you can find much more information about Sikes at There is a short film to see facts, what he is about and resources available.

Sikes will be speaking at the following places:

4At 5 p.m. Sunday —  First Baptist Church Natchez sanctuary. All are invited, especially students, parents and grandparents.

48:30 a.m. Monday — Robert Lewis Magnet School

410 a.m. Monday — Freshman Academy

411:30 a.m. Monday — Ferriday High School

41:15 p.m. Monday — Monterey High School

48:30 a.m. Tuesday — Natchez High

49:30 a.m. Tuesday — Natchez High

411 a.m. Tuesday — Adams County Christian School

41 p.m. Tuesday — Trinity Episcopal Day School

48:15 a.m. Wednesday – Cathedral High School

49:45 a.m. Wednesday — Morgantown

41 p.m. Wednesday — Concordia Academy Magnet

48 a.m. Wednesday — Vidalia High School

41 p.m. Wednesday — Vidalia Jr. High School

We hope that as a result of what this amazing speaker says and does as he is led by God to do, that a few more schools in our area will work it out to have him come into their schools.

For more information you may contact FBC Natchez at 601-442-1464 and ask to speak to Dan Ratcliff.

What will really get your attention is how many of today’s teens are troubled and consider ending their life since suicide is now ranked 2nd in death for this age group.  If one person / one family can avoid this tragedy, then this event is totally worth it.  We pray teens and adults will come to one of these many locations to hear Sikes.
The Rev. Dan Ratcliff is the associate pastor of student ministries.


First Baptist Church Natchez is hosting the motivational speaker: Sikes SIKES who is bringing his YOU MATTER campaign to this area. He will be speaking at 5:00 p.m. in the church sanctuary. Every teenager and adult is invited to his inspirational talk. He will be offering HOPE, and God’s plan to promote choosing Life over choosing suicide. Contact for more information is Dan Ratcliff (601) 442 – 1464.