Ending the Chaos: Regulators make goal-line stand as time expires for Super Bowl win

Published 11:41 pm Monday, November 6, 2017

Despite explosive plays and long runs, all it took was a few inches to give the Regulators a Super Bowl win.

Tralyn Cusic and Owen Jordan made the final tackle, stopping the Chaos from scoring on the 1-yard line as time expired Monday during the AYA third- and-fourth grade title game at Trinity Episcopal Day School, 36-30.

“I’m relieved,” Regulators coach Doug Jordan said. “I didn’t think we would be able to hold them on another 2-point conversion. We held them once, and they held us once so we were kind of lucky.”

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Each team sustained drives throughout the game, leading to a tie going into the fourth quarter, 30-30.

On Chaos’ first drive of the period, it lost a high snap and Regulators’ Ben Segrest recovered.

After the switch of possession, the Regulators looked like they might be in trouble on fourth down, but Cusic broke free for a 22-yard gain to keep the drive alive. He then ran for a 24-yard touchdown on the next play for what would be the winning score.

Cusic ended the night rushing for four touchdowns, and for his efforts was named the team’s Most Valuable Player.

Owen Jordan rushed for one touchdown, and three 2-point conversion in the win.

“I’m feeling excited,” Doug Jordan said. “Every player on the team tonight made a big play, all the way down to the center making good snaps to the linemen making good blocks.

“These kids worked hard all year. I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

Chaos coach Buck Brumfield said despite the loss, he is glad his players gave their best effort.

Terrance Lee rushed for three touchdowns, Tamihana Starr scored on three 2-point conversion runs and John Mathieu Robin rushed for another score for the Chaos.

“We were the underdogs from the word ‘go,’” Brumfield said. “We are smaller than the other teams, and we barely made it into the playoffs. Just to be able to make it to the Super Bowl, it means the world to us.

“These teams were about as equal as two teams could be. They played great football, and it came down to who had the least amount of mistakes. They did great and I’m really proud of them.”

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