Stewpot thanks David Lewis

Published 11:58 pm Monday, November 6, 2017

Have you ever seen a person whose face seemed so full of love and peace that you knew you were in the presence of a holy person? Certainly this was David Lewis!

Here was a man, husband, father, and friend to all who loved God and loved his neighbor!  His face shown with light, his eyes sparkled with brilliance and his hands were always reaching out to help others. David recently died Oct. 18, 2017  after twenty six years of volunteering with the Stewpot on a daily basis. He was 91. All whom he worked with or served would like to say thank you, Mr. David!

He died doing what he loved! He worked at the Stew Pot all morning  and then after cutting the grass at his family home he made a quick exit to his heavenly world! His funeral, at Holy Family where he attended and served all his life, was so packed with people from all walks of life that you couldn’t help but think it resembled the party that greeted him when he crossed through those pearly gates! The joyful choir almost sang the roof off!

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David was an inspiration to all! At 91 he was quicker than two men in all the work he did! His sense of humor and his devotion to helping anyone particularly kids was noticed by all without telling anyone he would take people to Walmart and buy them clothes or shoes. He would always stop to have long talks with the teens involved in the Youth Court trying to encourage them to make good choices and trust in God.  He understood how hard life can be. Both his parents died when he was seven  and he went to live with his aunt who died when he was 16. He felt all alone, but told me he knew he could trust God!  He  always tried to pass along his great trust!

David joined the army as early as he could and later worked at Holsum Bakery and Armstrong Tire and Rubber Company where he eventually retired.  He married and had three children. After retirement he looked around for some worthwhile way to use his time. Because of his love for St. Jude’s Feed the Children Program, he went all over town collecting cans and sold them to donate the money to their program. Everywhere he went he helped inspire people to trust God and serve others. He was involved with the Salvation Army and then dedicated all his energies to the Natchez Stewpot.

As a volunteer for the Natchez Stewpot, David delivered meals and saw people from all walks of life. Sometimes that was challenging.  From his days at Armstrong where one African American was almost killed in his car’s explosion and another was killed, Mr. Lewis knew about the leaders of the Klu Klux Klan. Much later as a volunteer delivering meals for the Stewpot, he found that one of the person’s he was delivering to was involved with the Klan earlier in his life.  Regardless, Mr. Lewis treated him with dignity and continued to bring him meals as he saw him as a man in need who was hungry. The old man would always say to him, “Thank you, son!”

David took the word of God seriously. Every time I saw Mr. David at the Stewpot he was smiling and serving. Would we could all choose to die doing what we loved.

We at the Stewpot want to thank David Lewis for the example he set and to tell him thank you!
Mary Jane Gaudet is a member of the Natchez Stewpot board.