Two men indicted in 2016 shooting

Published 1:14 am Saturday, November 18, 2017


NATCHEZ — An indictment has been filed against two Mississippi men accused in a drive-by shooting from early July 2016.

Jarvanti Keyon Doss and Lakendrick Washington each face two charges of attempted murder and one charge of drive-by shooting.

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Doss, 20, 53 Stampley Road, Stampley, was arrested after the indictment on Thursday. His bond was set for $50,000 and he was released later that day.

Washington, 18, 560 N. Laurel St., was indicted on Oct. 8. Washington had been in jail when he was served his indictment, but was released on a $120,000 bond that day.

Doss and Washington were originally arrested on July 7, 2016, on the same charges each faces now.

At the time, both men were teenagers; Doss was 19 and Washington was 16. Both will be tried as adults.

At the time of the arrest, Adams County Sheriff Travis Patten said an alleged fight at Natchez High School poured over into the community when the two teens arrived at a Davis Court home and allegedly tried to entice a then 14-year-old schoolmate into a fight.

When the 14-year-old’s father, Madriquez Rashard Carr Sr., asked the boys to leave the property, Doss and Washington allegedly fired shots into the residence as they were leaving the driveway.

Patten said Carr allegedly pulled a gun from his truck and began firing back.

Washington, who reportedly drove one of the vehicles involved, was injured in his right shoulder.

Carr was only grazed by a bullet in the firefight law enforcement officers reported at the time, but his son was more grievously injured and had to be flown to an Alexandria hospital.

At the time of the shooting, Patten said up to nine people were involved in the incident.

Doss and Washington’s cases were bound over to a grand jury in September 2016.