Netco jobs great news for area

Published 12:45 am Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Monday’s announcement of a new company planning to relocate to Adams County was great news.

Netco Express LLC, expects to base its wood chip and sawdust transportation business from a section of the former International Paper site.

The company’s estimated 20 direct jobs are needed and good for our area.

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In the world of economic development where dreams easily shift to enormous, game-changing automotive plants, Netco Express was no big catch, but we are happy to take it nonetheless.

Netco Express may seem small in scope, but every little bit helps to grow our economy.

Traditional efforts to recruit business to Mississippi have been tough over the last few years, particularly in our area.

Our community’s usual negatives remain. We are in a remote corner of the state, not served on an interstate highway and with a declining population.

But we also still have some amazing things to tout, particularly in regard to natural resources.

We have an abundant supply of forestry products in the region and the river gives us a unique and much-needed route for delivering products. The river also provides an abundance of available water as well.

Better still than all of those positives are our people. Long resourceful and determined to make the area grow, with some hard work and luck, we can do just that.

With a few more Netco Expresses down the road and the potential for a new interstate in the foreseeable future, economically, things could turn around relatively quickly.

But it will take hard work and a cohesive effort.