Natchez Water Works crews investigate discolored water

Published 12:56 am Friday, November 24, 2017

NATCHEZ — Natchez Water Works crews are investigating the cause of discolored water in downtown Natchez.

Natchez Water Works Superintendent Tony Moon said crews were flushing water lines Wednesday afternoon in and around Homochitto and Orleans streets after residents reported muddy-colored water pouring out of their faucets.

“We are not certain of the cause,” Moon said in an email Thursday morning.

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Moon said sediments can build up in pipes over the course of several years and become dislodged when the velocity suddenly changes in the main water line. A break in the city’s water main or firefighting activity in the area can cause sudden changes in the velocity, Moon said.

“We are not aware of either of these situations,” Moon said.

Moon said the lines have started clearing up since crews started flushing the lines Wednesday.

“We are going to monitor the situation and will be working with affected customers,” he said.