Barber contests justice court election results

Published 4:52 pm Thursday, November 30, 2017

NATCHEZ — Danny Barber submitted paperwork Thursday evening contesting his one-vote loss in the special runoff election for Southern District Justice Court Judge.

Barber said since the vote was so close, with Eileen Mary Maher winning by only one vote after absentee and affidavit votes were counted, he wanted to be sure that he actually lost.

Barber said he has received several calls from supporters who encouraged him to contest the vote.

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“It’s just so close,” he said. “If it turns out the same, it turns out the same. I just want to know.”

Tuesday’s absentee and affidavit ballots left Maher with 867 votes and Barber with 866, with one absentee ballot discounted due to an illegible vote.

Candidates have 10 days to decide whether they would like to contest the vote, election commissioner Larry Gardner said Wednesday.

The election commissioner’s office was closed Thursday, and Barber said he was told the office would not reopen until Tuesday.

He instead filed his paperwork with the Adams County Circuit Clerk’s office.

Barber said he is not currently calling for a new election, rather just calling for a recount of the current votes.

Barber said he let  Maher know that he was contesting the vote Thursday after submitting his paperwork.

Maher was sworn in Wednesday.