Crime reports: Monday, Dec. 4, 2017

Published 1:38 am Monday, December 4, 2017

Natchez Police Department

Arrests — Saturday

James Earl Perkins, no age provided, 10 Pogo S., on a charge of disorderly conduct. No bond set.

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Spring Mckenzie, no age provided, 2409 Log Road, Roxie, on a charge of contempt of court for failure to appear. Bond set at $252.

Adams County Sheriff’s Office

Arrests — Sunday

Jeffrey Scott Bonnette Jr., 20, 338 Stephens Road, on charges of possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle and no proof of insurance. Released on a bond of $750.

Willie David Johnson, 28, 75 Sandpiper Road, on a charge of possession of a controlled substance. No bond set.

Arrests — Saturday

Charles R. Crossley, 45, 325 North Front St., on charges of DUI first offense, no insurance and speeding. Bond set at $2,500.

Elijah Crawford Holmes Jr., 39, 59-A Saragosa Road, on a charge of disorderly conduct for failure to comply. Bond set at $500.

Adams County Sheriff’s Office and Natchez Police Department

Reports — Sunday

Traffic stop on Martin Luther King Jr. Street.

Traffic stop on D’Evereux Drive.

Simple assault on Itasca Drive.

Patrol on South Canal Street.

Juvenile problem on North Union Street.

Disturbance on Morgantown Road.

Three traffic  stops on Seargent S. Prentiss Drive.

Patrol on Steamplant Road.

Traffic stop on Providence Road.

Disturbance on North Union Street.

Threats on Oakland Street.

Suspicious activity on D’Evereux Drive.

Accident on Homochitto Street.

Alarm on U.S. 61.

Burglary on W.L. Nelson Road.

Alarm on Tubman Road.

Warrant on Seargent S. Prentiss Drive.

Intelligence report on Lower Woodville Road.

Assisting motorist on Wood Avenue.

Unwanted subject on Pineview Drive.

Theft on Summer Field Place.

Escort on U.S. 61.

Threats on Cloverdale Road.

Traffic stop on Seargent S. Prentiss Drive.

Petit larceny on Oakland Drive.

Traffic stop on Colonel Pitchford Parkway.

Patrol on Martin Luther King Jr. Road.

Burglary on D’Evereux Drive.

Reports — Saturday

Disturbing the peace on Cranfield Road.

Malicious mischief on Seargent S. Prentiss Drive.

Patrolling area on Quietland Court.

Disturbance on U.S. 61.

Theft on Watts Avenue.

Alarm on Aldrich Street.

Accident on John Quittman Boulevard.

Simple assault on King Circle.

Shots fired on Dewberry Circle.

Alarm on U.S. 61.

Six traffic stops on Seargent S. Prentiss Drive.

Accident on Jason Court.

Traffic stop on Canal Street.

Dog problem on Live Oak Drive.

Follow up on Buckhurst Plantation.

Escort on Gayosa Avenue.

Two traffic stops on U.S. 61.

Abandoned vehicle on North Wall Street.

Stolen vehicle D’Evereux Drive.

Threats on East Wilderness Road.

Threats on Oakland Park.

Theft on Mimosa Drive.

Threats on Newman Road.

Traffic stop on Foster Mound Road.

Theft on Seargent S. Prentiss Drive.

Disturbance on North Shields Lane.

Warrant on D’Evereux Drive.

Disturbance on SaraGosa Road.

Disturbance on Winding Road.

Intelligence report on Minor Street.

Assisting motorist on Cloverdale Road.

Malicious mischief on South Canal Street.

Disturbance on Country Club Drive.

Suspicious activity on Foster Mount Road.

Traffic stop on Gov. Fleet Road.

Loud noise on Rainbow Street.

Accident on U.S. 61.

Threats on John R. Junkin Drive.

Fight in progress on Fourth Street.

Shoplifting at John R. Junkin Drive.

Stand by on Gadwall Court.

Theft on Main Street.

Shoplifting on U.S. 61.

Traffic stop at Relax Inn.

Suspicious activity on U.S. 61.

Traffic stop on State Street.

Traffic stop on Providence Road.

Intelligence report on Redd Loop Road.

Traffic stop on Liberty Road.

Disturbance on Seargent S. Prentiss Drive.

Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office

Arrests — Saturday

Marlon Jackson, 43, 122 Canal St., Ferriday, on charges of speeding, expired plates and DUI second offense. Bond set at $3,120.50.

Arrests — Saturday

Mark B. Mayo, 31, 817 Routon Road, Jonesville, on charges of careless operation of a motor vehicle and possession of marijuana. Bond set at $1,058.

Reports unavailable

Vidalia Police Department

Arrests – Sunday

Larry Shavers, 603 Johnson St., Jonesville, on a charge of theft of goods. Bond set at $470.

Reports — Sunday

Fire on South Pine Street.

Reports — Saturday

Suspicious activity on Peach Street.

Shoplifting at Walmart.

Medical emergency on Lillian Street.

Natchez Fire Department

Fire on Canvas Back Court

Vidalia Fire Department

No reports

Ferriday Fire Department


Concordia Fire District No. 2