Season of Wishes: Stewpot serves more than 100,000 meals each year

Published 1:49 am Monday, December 4, 2017


NATCHEZ — If the community’s giving at Christmastime holds true this year, the Stewpot will be set for half of 2018 after its season of wishes.

The Stewpot serves approximately 300 meals a day and more than 100,000 meals a year to the elderly, handicapped, shut-ins and the hungry, director Amanda Jeansonne said.

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“Normally what we get from the end of the year will carry us months into the year, sometimes halfway into the year,” Jeansonne said.

Jeansonne said the Stewpot is 100-percent funded by private donations.

We at the Stewpot are very thankful for all who contribute in anyway, whether it is volunteer work, donations of food or monetary donations,” she said. “We have a lot to be thankful for.”

Jeansonne said monetary donations are what the Stewpot needs the most right now.

“Most of the food is donated, but we still have utilities, salaries, insurance and buildings and maintenance to pay monthly,” she said.

To donate money, send checks to Natchez Stewpot, P.O. Box 298, Natchez, MS, 39121.

Though of course Jeansonne said the organization always needs food and supplies. Throughout the year, Jeansonne said residents could check to see the Stewpot’s current needs.

The Stewpot currently needs large containers of garlic powder, onion powder, Tony’s Creole Seasoning, black pepper, Kitchen Bouquet, 55-60 gallon heavy duty trash bags, vegetable oil and yellow cornmeal.

Drop off food and supplies at between 7:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday through Saturday at the Stewpot located at 69 E. Franklin St.

Jeansonne said the Stewpot has two employees, but volunteers are always welcome and needed.

“It takes lots of volunteers to serve more than 100,000 meals a year,” Jeansonne said. “Lots come out to cook, clean, pick up trash in the parking lot or whatever is needed.”

Jeansonne said groups and individuals are welcome anytime. To volunteer, call 601-442-9413 and Jeansonne will call you back. Or email Jeansonne at

The mission of the Stewpot is to feed the hungry, and Jeansonne said that is why people should donate.

“Feeding the hungry, from a biblical standpoint, is what Jesus told us to do — help the needy and share the blessings that we are given,” Jeansonne said. “That’s what is happening. People donating are giving out of their abundance and sharing with others that have less.”