Let’s come together in love, not hate Saturday

Published 11:51 pm Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Mississippi will be in the spotlight Saturday as President Trump plans to visit Jackson and attend the opening of two new state museums, a history museum and a civil rights museum.

Already, days ahead of the event, lines are being drawn and protests are planned.

While we respect everyone’s freedom of speech protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, we wish, no we pray, Mississippians will come together in honor and love, not disrespect and hatred.

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We do not want Trump’s presence or the disapproval of some who may protest to overshadow the great accomplishments of the Mississippi heroes honored at the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum.

Saturday should not be about supporting the president or any particular agenda or side, but about supporting and honoring the brave men and women who fought against the oppression during one of our state’s saddest chapters.

Whether or not someone loves the president or despises him, making Saturday’s museum opening about him would steal further attention from the real purpose behind the museums.

Let us all remember, Mississippi will be in the spotlight Saturday for certain, let’s put our best foot forward and show the hospitality, love and respect that represents Mississippi’s present and future.