Ferriday couple arrested in theft, burglary

Published 1:00 am Friday, December 8, 2017

Ferriday — A Ferriday man and woman were arrested Tuesday on charges of burglary and theft after inadvertently videoing themselves while stealing two cameras from a residence.
Grant Jatavias Dunbar, 18, 27393 Louisiana 15, was arrested on charges of burglary and theft, stalking, home invasion and unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling.
Dunbar’s bond was set at $85,000.
Ruth P. Meredith, 27, 705 Carolina Ave., was arrested on a charge of burglary and theft and a bench warrant for failure to pay a prior fine.
Her bond was set for $30,000.
Ferriday Police Department officials said Meredith and Dunbar allegedly took two cameras from a Ferriday residence.
One of the cameras had a motion-detection sensor and turned on when Meredith and Dunbar entered the residence, which then videoing the burglary in progress.
Both cameras were returned to their owner, a Ferriday police representative said.
Dunbar’s stalking, home invasion and unauthorized entry charges came from a prior incident in which Dunbar allegedly broke into Meredith’s home and struck her.
In the warrant for Dunbar’s arrest, Meredith said Dunbar knocked the glass out of two windows and a door at her home before entering and hitting her as she slept.
In another incident, the affidavit alleged Dunbar broke down Meredith’s door and stole a pipe from beneath her bathroom sink before leaving the residence.
The affidavit also alleges Dunbar warned Meredith that if she called police again, he would assault her.
These incidents were reported before Meredith and Dunbar were arrested in connection with the alleged robbery.

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