Parish coaches could get additional playoff funds

Published 12:17 am Friday, December 15, 2017

VIDALIA — The Concordia Parish School Board discussed plans to increase playoff supplements for district coaches Thursday night at the board meeting.

“We are asking our coaches to put in a 7-day week for $100,” board member Fred Butcher said. “We are paying them less for playoffs than we do regular season.”

The current playoff supplement for full-time coaches is $100 and has not been changed since 2001.

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The new proposed supplement will be one-tenth of the coach’s regular yearly supplement each week.

This means a football coach with a regular season supplement of $4,000 will now make $400 per-week for each week that team is in playoffs.

The supplement increase would affect all contract coaches of every sport in the parish.

Butcher said the increased pay would be a temporary measure until the finance committee created a lasting policy.

If passed in the next session, the supplement increase would be retroactive for the school year, meaning football coaches would receive the difference between what they were supplemented in the 2017 season and the new supplement in the spring.

The supplement would affect faculty and non-faculty coaches alike, Superintendent Whest Shirley said, and would be based solely off a coach’s regular base supplement.

For coaches whose supplements are less than $1,000, such as track and softball head coaches, this move would actually be a decrease in their playoff pay.

President Raymond Riley asked Shirley to look over the supplement proposal and come back with a solution that is fair to the coaches.

“What you all came up with is fine, just get it on paper,” Riley said.

Shirley will review the supplement until the next board meeting, where it will be put to a vote.